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Member Spotlight-Bill P

November 20, 2019

From losing around 30 LBS. to running 5K's, hear how Bill's fitness journey has given him the energy to do more!

I have only been working out the past 22 months, started January of 2018.

What I enjoy the most about fitness is the way I feel, lost some weight, improved cardio, better flexibility, all around better physical and mental health.

I have learned how important fitness is to your physical and mental well being. Fitness is a lifestyle: the workouts, diet and nutrition. I’ve learned I could make the commitment to the lifestyle, for the health benefit.

I enjoy the group workouts, you push yourself to compete with everyone and that makes you accountable.

I can’t really say I have a single favorite exercise, i like any of the ring exercises.

My recommendation would be “START NOW” don’t wait. You won’t regret it as you see and feel the results.